1. contusion

    Taking a posing cue from Dinklage’s dog.

  2. journalschism

    Ah, that look in her eyes that says, “Soon, I’ll never have to spread my legs for Gollum again.”

  3. I guess when you’re rich you can afford some really nice walking sticks..

  4. He’s so rich he has a human walker.

  5. “…gehhhhh…I think…you poisoned ….me”
    “Smile, honey”

  6. Toe Jam

    Frog fashion pose. Nice.

  7. Is Tim Burton making a live action version of “Nightmare Before Christmas?”

  8. Hank E. Ring

    Larry King, Supermodel.

  9. Animal

    I just assumed he wore Depends, but looks like I was wrong.

  10. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious…

  11. Shithead

    Honey…I pooped myself again…

  12. lawn

    Does she feel old age creeping up?

  13. Some old people watch infomercials and buy themselves one of those “hurry canes” to stay standing, look at what you can buy when you ain’t poor.

  14. They have seeing-eye models now?

  15. “Well, if I can’t get a hard wick, at least I can get a Southwick.”

  16. Now! Pull out the gun and shoot them all NOW!

  17. Skeezix

    “Shawn, pull out the Depends, quick, because it’s about to turn ‘Crap-Myself-o’clock’ back here!”

  18. bigalkie

    This week on America’s Dirtiest Jobs, Shawn Southwick!

  19. Shouldn’t he be at home screaming at kids to stay off his lawn?

  20. zoya

    Hey lady, death is tapping you on the shoulder.

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