1. I’d be scared except for the fact that it’s his only expression…

  2. B&WMinstrel

    Needs a bomb in his hand with a lighted fuse. One that says ‘Bomb’ on it.

  3. popwilleatitself

    How can one eyebrow go in five different directions?

  4. Actually, he looks pretty good for an old fart.

  5. Hank E. Ring

    Work your skinny legs out.

  6. GJerk

    He’d beable to kick Arnold’s ass…

  7. Heading in to the audition as “Boris Badenov” Sly just figured out that this is the wrong Rocky picture….

  8. I think it’s quaint that he brought his own parking cone.

  9. Mo

    Nice suit!

  10. I thought that eye would’ve healed 37 years after Mickey cut him.

  11. Snarley Sly is.. snarley.

  12. get those eyebrows redrawn stat doofus.

  13. Tinka

    Someone hit Lindsay’s coke cloud.

  14. ecchh. go back to the lab and let dr frankenstein finish the job.

  15. AnnaD.

    His legs look ridiculously skinny. I guess all the ‘roids are absorbed upstairs.

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