1. The Price is not right.

  2. She looks like Lindsay Lohan’s bad stunt double for the VH1 “Back to the 80s” episode on Contempo Casuals.

  3. Dick Trickle

    She loks like the Joker’s post-op girlfriend from the Burton Batman.

  4. B&WMinstrel

    Circuses might have been bad for animals but at least they kept the clowns off the street

  5. Who stuck the gold balls in her face?

  6. Chango

    Lana Del Rey in 4 years.

  7. Her new nickname is “Waste of Tits.”

  8. Shithead


  9. Cock Dr

    I feel bad for her because she obviously works VERY hard to be fabulous.

  10. jonesy

    She doesn’t look like a clown.

  11. She could use one of her trademark giant hats… pulled over her face.

  12. she almost makes Kardashian look like less of a whorey mess.

  13. KC

    Wait, wait, almost got it… there! Done adjusting my monitor’s color balance. Thanks, Phoebe!

  14. are u fucking serious? shes either colourblind or colourblind.

  15. She’s the most festive looking streetwalker in Hollywood.

  16. cc

    So a cross dresser broke into the Salvation Army and got dressed in the dark?

  17. I know prop comedy is Carrot Top’s whole act, but I’m not sure where he’s going with this

  18. yer mom

    “Did somebody call a tacky whore?”

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