1. George P Burdell

    That smile is as really as any part of Heidi Montag

  2. No, little boy. I’m not Iron Man…
    I’m hawkeye…
    The guy on the freaking cover…
    The one with the bow…
    All right fine, I’m Iron Man..

  3. Hey kid, give this phone number to your dad.

  4. Nonny Moose

    “Yeah, seriously, I knocked up a chick. Tell *that* to your dad next time he makes another comment about “The Gayest Avenger.”

  5. Smapdi

    He gets a pass from me on this one for taking time for that kid. I don’t care that its an event, its his job, etc., maybe it cheered up the kid for a moment.

  6. “No, no you could never be Hawkeye. But Hawkeye could save you if you got stuck on the railroad tracks. I’ll have my guy call you.”

  7. Pine Table Fever

    ‘…give me that pen you little shit, or i’ll dump you out of your fucking cart!’

  8. Yes, a lot of people did think my Hawkeye character was kind of gay…but now I’m HANSEL!

  9. Shithead

    Come visit me kid, im in room 70

  10. Geez, that is really great that Liberace has time for even his youngest fans….

  11. little turtle head

    “Yes son I do think the world is ready for a handicapped superhero! Have you ever seen “Blankman”?

  12. he’s a good actor, seems like a nice guy. this is a weird , ugly photo of his face. Personally I could give a shit less if he’s gay. Guessing that little Hawkeye fan doesn’t either.

  13. He seems decent enough.

  14. It would be nice if the conversation went something like this:

    “Of course I’ll give you my autograph, but you have to give me yours, too. Because you are MY hero!”

  15. Dududuh

    I remember when I was a kid something about some recording that was leaked of him telling her he wanted to be a tampon inside her.

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