1. contusion

    Sharon! Sharon! Don’t show us your tits!

  2. vandinz

    Horrible fuckin’ cunt.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s happy. Or sad. Or Laughing. Or crying. Maybe she’s hurt. I don’t know… after 16 facelifts, it all looks the same.

  4. Someone put her back on the corner of the roof.

  5. Larry King cleans up nice in drag.

  6. “…And your little dog too!”

  7. Animal

    Isn’t that what burst through John Hurt in “Alien”?

  8. GJerk

    Yes, my face is frozen like this…k

  9. “Back off it really stinks down there”

  10. skippy86

    Didnt Ozzy use to use that as a prop back in the 80′s

  11. tlmck

    To the man who would marry Kelly, this is your future.

  12. jaysus mary & effin joseph! She had even more surgery?! Scariest mask ever!

  13. bigalkie

    I want a jacket made of puppies!!

  14. That’s sign language for “I need to take a pee…”

  15. Just when you thought New Orleans couldn’t get any skankier.

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