1. dontkillthemessenger

    If their sex tape ever comes out, Heaven help us all.

  2. The face if Depends failure.

  3. “Please, your Grace, don’t take it so personally – “Hogwarts” refers to the destination of all trains from this platform.”

  4. Frank Burns

    The Prince and Duchess are always delighted at the possibility of meeting Thomas the Tank Engine.

  5. This is where they realize they come from a lineage of useless psychotic lunatics and decide to jump onto the tracks.

  6. Looks like somebody just realized they married Prince Charles!

  7. Animal

    And so begins the Zombie Apocalypse.

  8. GJerk

    Blimey, She let me put me winky in her bum last night!

  9. She always looks on the verge of tears, doesn’t she?

  10. tlmck

    The rest of the folks do not seem too concerned about the bray and whinny sounds coming from the royal couple..

  11. Radadoon

    “And to think mother had Diana killed off so I could marry her. She can’t even button her coat correctly. At least she is smarter than Manti T’eo.”

  12. looks like the royals had a couple’a drinky poos before this gig.

  13. “Those aren’t train tracks they’re Camilla’s old braces Ha Ha Ha !!!”

  14. Everytime I see that expression on her face I hear a donkey braying in my head.

  15. “Oh, Charles, I DO wish you wouldn’t make jokes about my arse being the caboose whenever I pull YOUR train…”

  16. Stewart Todd

    My God! I married Murphy Brown!

  17. Ahhhh the agony of those who’ve been sausagefingered.

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