1. contusion

    This looks like one of those photos where they show an old photo of the girl back behind her, and then a new one with all the plastic surgery in front…like it’s the new you emerging from your old self.

  2. Ahhh if only Megan Fox had a wealthy father…

  3. Oompaloompa potato out on the town.

  4. Shithead

    I thought it was lindsay lohan…not a compliment.

  5. Proving once again, that all the money the world can’t buy class — or a decent boob job.

  6. seat filler

    heard her tab was £30,000

  7. Rich as a mother fucker and she goes about like this. absurd, is all I’ve got for that.

  8. A billionaire and halfway decent looking. I can deal with that.

  9. A sluttier Megan Fox.

  10. I think she looks infinitely doable. I’m not talking about a lifetime commitment. Just a couple of hours of physical pleasure. Then she could toss $25,000 on the night stand and show herself out.

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