1. SIN

    Then I grabbed them like this and twisted. Thats why there is no more Stedman.

  2. “And they said if they got a hold of Salman Rushdie, they would grab a hold like this … “

  3. SSHGuru

    I order you to put fatty food in this hand.

  4. it had to be said

    “So it turns out I can hold both of an elephant’s balls in one hand . . .”

  5. Soviet Snow

    Women idolize this?

  6. “GO WEB!”

  7. Nice cropping job. If you guys could see the whole photo, you’d realize it’s actually a wooden cut out of Oprah, with the sign, “Your testicles must be at least this big if you want to teabag Oprah.”

  8. The Pope

    “I grab Steadman’s like this and ask him ‘who’s the mastah?’. He knows what to say.”

  9. Welp, that’s one way to summon an apple pie.

  10. Crankybitch

    This is how I put my hand up Gayle’s twat.

  11. And she vowed never to let the choir stop their high note until the villagers brought her all of their sweets…

  12. bigalkie

    Jabba the hut!

  13. jeffiner

    This woman looks like Miss Sophia after Harpo beat her.

  14. “It’s Leopold!”

  15. The Brown Streak

    Yadishka cula, Captain Solo…buh ha ha ha ha

  16. Johnny P!

    Starting in February:
    “Elephant Proctologist”, every Friday at 4,
    on OWN!

  17. cc

    How do I know? Do you see a crystal ball here motherfucka?

  18. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Invisible Dr. Jones heart. Looks like Lucas finally has a script for Indy 5.

  19. ben

    THIS is how I grab Stedman’s balls.

  20. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    I call this “Gayle’s Chakra Shocker” in honor of all you Red Skins

  21. Kung Fu Panda

    Monkey picks the peaches?

    • lol, but when I make those kinds of comments I’m a racist. I think it’s just the sexist/racist libtards that get bent out of shape…even though they make the most off color remarks. Typical hypocrites.

  22. SuperflyTnT

    Did you see the sign out front that says ‘Rich Negro Fortuneteller’? Cuz it ain’t F’N THERE!

  23. Raoul

    “No. I’m dead serious. Tom Cruise is so tiny he can dance around in my hand.”

  24. Dude of Dudes

    “All the people who watch my network can fit in this hand”

  25. elyse

    Instead of “OWN,” her network should be called “SUCKS.”

  26. Kat

    There’s a Yoda joke in here somewhere.

  27. pdan

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of O.

  28. That is her “O” face.

  29. God All Mighty!

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