1. The package tour? Seriously? Uhmmmm yeah small packages, that is all

  2. TeamAmerica

    I concede jealousy in regards to wishing a fiery leprocy-laden death upon you for your smokin hot wife, but you can keep the herds moo’ing your name.

    • TeamAmerica

      Fark. Didn’t know there was more than one Lachey.
      It all still applies except for the hot wife thing.

  3. Performing their new song “The Hardest Thing (is my prostate)”

  4. Frank Burns

    Never would have guessed that the aerobics floor at Curves doubled as a stage.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    The girl in green is happy she didn’t “win” The Package Tour gangbang.

    • That prize isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She would have basically been relegated to holding the camcorder while the guys did each other backstage.

  6. Meg's Attitude

    All tour, no package – sigh…

  7. Juch

    The audience must have thought there were donuts in the package.

  8. DoucheNozzle

    That chick is asking her friend “Do you know who the hell this douche is?”

  9. Pay attention, ladies. Fixate on boy bands too much and this is how you’ll end up. Fat.

  10. So then I tell my boss, “you make the Big Macs! I’m going on tour!!!!……….(can I please have my job when I get back?)

  11. making the fact ugly chicks happy since… whenever people used to listen to that garbage.

  12. CK

    A LOT of chubbies here…

  13. I’m sorry, who is this tour aimed at? Loveless twentysomething girls reliving their boy-band crushes from 10-15 years ago? Yeesh. I don’t look forward to when their middle-age Twilight moment comes in 10 or 20 years. Maybe I’ll luck out and be dead by then.

  14. May Johner

    Washed up…on stage.

  15. So this is what the hot teenage girls that were your fans look like 15 years later. Bieber, this is your future.

  16. Apparently “The Package” included a buffet.

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