1. Always had a thing for her….

  2. Alison

    The Makeover was obviously not for Julia.

  3. Frown for the camera!

  4. Donkeylicks

    You’d frown too if a movie poster was showing you the most attention that you’ve received from a man in well over a decade.

  5. TeamAmerica

    Is it possible her cheeks are so heavy that smiling is now a physical impossibility?

  6. I bet Dexter is really regretting he hit this and got dumped by his wife/costar

    • As much as I’d enjoy nailing Julia Stiles, Jennifer Carpenter is hotter by a longshot. Now, if they did each other… well, let’s just say I’d buy that for a dollar.

  7. catapostrophe

    She’s got short arms and Martha Stewart’s face.

  8. Spartacus

    I still have a big time thing for her

  9. anonymous

    She looks in good in movies. She was hot in Silver Linings Playbook.

  10. ajka;lfk

    dat ass… wait.

  11. “10 Things I Hate About You” was a long fucking time ago.

  12. Looking good. She filled out in all the right places. I have a serious thing for her.

  13. yikes. I think she looks like yesterday’s oatmeal.

  14. Hallmark movies now, huh? I guess fucking a married cancer patient whose wife was standing by him isn’t the career booster we all thought it was…

  15. JC

    “Doctor, your Frumpmaster 3000 machine is completed! Who should we test it on?”

  16. a cocked eyebrow, curled lip and hidden shitty tattoo does not a star make…oh wait.

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