1. We could spot the early models really easy. They had rubber skin.

  2. “Thees tinee ahs kreem iz deleeshuz. I conzoom abowt tventiee uf zem evriee naught, now zat Mareeah haz lefft.”

  3. tlmck

    Must be doing DNA swabs to see how many more maids he knocked up.

  4. Get in my choppahs!


  6. Vlad

    Gahahahahlalgghahahggaah! Brain Freeze!

    It might be a tumor.

    It’s not a toomah!

  7. Tune in tomorrow when Arnold will be appearing at the last showing of “The Last Stand.”

  8. Dis taste like eets maid in America. Get eet. I liek eating maids.

  9. JC

    “Get to da sprinkle station!”

  10. cc

    The new Ben and Jerry’s flavor ‘Latin Made’

  11. EZ-B

    Working hard to replace the taste of failure with “New York Super Fudge Chocolate Chunk.”

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