1. USDA Prime McBeef, MD


  2. Rihanna’s jealous of those bruises.

  3. nadsak

    Strange, why is she bathing in a contractor grade bathtub?

  4. Meg's Attitude

    That’s a New York apartment – having any bathtub is a luxury

  5. Rhettro

    Those are the marks from being poked with the ten foot poles.

  6. Juch

    Stupid clothes stopped getting her attention, so now she’s opting for self-torture . . . and by that I mean forcing herself to take a bath.

  7. So then I tell my boss, “you make the Big Macs! I’m going on tour!!!!……….(can I please have my job when I get back?)

  8. jep

    Someone should tell her that you can cure ring-worms…

  9. I’m stunned it took that many tries for her soul to escape.

  10. Maybe THAT’S what happened to her face?

  11. jenny

    those are traditional Chinese suction cups therapy. (applying pressure on glass cups on the back to stimulate blood circulation) Its popular in China. I have had them. and the marks go away in a week or so.

  12. AnnaD.

    And another uninteresting, bland photo by that overrated hack…

  13. tlmck

    Are those hickies from a pygmy butt fucker?

  14. Christians, Am I right?

  15. Skippy86

    Ooo she escaped the Kraken.

  16. Vlad

    Gaga is so cutting edge, she now has sex with octopuses…err, octopi…err, octopodes….hey look! it’s Octopussy!

  17. Strip Hot Potato sounded like a good idea at the time…

  18. terry

    WTF! This chick is so fucking tired.
    Gaga, being shocked into awe from a celebrity went out with Modonna’s career. That was about 15 year ago.

  19. 5FingersToTheFace

    Looks like someone doesn’t know know when to stop talking.

  20. guttboy

    Wow, when did this catch on again? My Mother used to do this to my Father’s back after his operation back in 1978…….I guess Hipsters will resurrect anything….

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