1. Playing at Jimmy Korski’s 5th birthday party.

  2. Frank Burns

    That’s the best I’ve seen Madonna look in a long time.

  3. Meg's Attitude

    So your grandma does do karaoke!!

  4. No sweetie, you’re actually performing next door in The Has-Been Bar .

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “You all have about 5 seconds to run before the meth kicks in! Please observe the emergency exits on either side of the stage if you don’t want me to skewer you with my mic stand!”

  6. CrashHell


  7. oldfool

    Airing out her Hole.

  8. broduh jenner

    after courtney’s performance it was just called, “the bar”

  9. Why couldn’t she have been the one to go instead of Kurt?

  10. ‘performing’. sure.

  11. There is never gun violence when you need it.

  12. tito

    I bet the smell from the first row is unbearable.

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