1. Me reading the comments on a Superficial political entry.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Apparently the guy just said “It’s Inconceivable” about 30 times.

  3. Donkeylicks

    This is how I felt after drinking three beers having half of a bottle of Melatonin and eating an entire bucket of KFC last night.

  4. The Dude

    You NEVER go Full Retard !

  5. Ermahgerd! Dernzel Wershington!

  6. Just out of shot, Lindsay Lohan.

  7. Denzel! Do you think you could play a role OTHER than an angry black man?

  8. He just read Lindsay Lohan’s tweets.

  9. tlmck

    I think someone just used the Spanish word negro.

  10. anonymous

    I think that guy needs to explain it to him like he was a four year old.

  11. Vlad

    And when I clap my hands, you awaken refreshed and not remember Carbon Copy.

  12. Contusion

    I think John Bohner must have just said something.

  13. “Lemme see…six times four…carry the one…divide by three…TWO. The answer is two!”

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