1. Gary Grant


  2. I still fantasize about her. But now most of them end with her puking on me.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    She’d be doing 20 consecutive life sentences if Walking Under the Influence was a crime.

  4. All Dr. Evil’s second-gen fembots had to be destroyed.

  5. Wow, did she get a facelift from the same guy that did her boobs?

  6. I doubt very much that having sex with her would feel like warm apple pie. Not now, anyway.

  7. Toe Jam

    In this episode of the Walking Dead…

  8. Vlad

    First of all, keep ‘em out of the light, they hate bright light…. oh, SONOFABITCH!

  9. evilstamos

    What has two thumbs and wants these curtains for his canopy bed at home? This guy!

  10. seriously surprised she hasn’t sold that necklace yet for a bottle of hooch.

  11. One guess for what she was doing walking into a seedy dark alley in the midle of the night. (HINT: it’s prostitution. she’s a prostitute)

  12. “Oh my god, it’s you motherfuckers AGAIN…???”

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