1. Gary Grant

    Busy got busy at Burger King.

  2. Did she eat her feelings when Cougar Town got moved to TBS?

  3. Lazy Philipps

  4. And what happened, then? Well, in Cougar Town they say, Busy’s boobs & belly grew three sizes that day!

  5. tlmck

    At least Jessica Simpson pretends to be pregnant.


  7. “I once got Busy in a Burger King bathroom.”

    Humpty Hump, you’re a wild man.

  8. Toe Jam

    Bertneys prego again?! Damn!

  9. cc

    She’s not ‘Busy on the Treadmill’

  10. Ya know, she doesn’t always look like this. Occasionally she brushes her hair.

  11. Busy Philipps. Offbeat name with entirely the wrong adjective.

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