1. It’s nice that they’ve bronzed her for posterity.

  2. chicka

    next stop: Real Housewives

    • I was going to make some crack about her having to be a wife first, but Anal Boy here just had to check and it turns out that she’s still been technically married this whole time she’s been whoring her ass around. WTF.

  3. Dr. Evil’s fourth-gen model fembot was truly more disturbing than arousing. Thank god for the German market.

  4. where’s her little fat hair handler at? probably getting her diamond dog collar re-sized.

  5. Somewhere in these pictures there’s always an aging, leathery faced, former playmate, gold digging trophy girlfriend searching for meaning in her soulless existence saying it all with her eyes….her dead, lifeless eyes.

  6. I didn’t even know greenorange was a color.

  7. Totally still would.

  8. “This just in…after being lost in the Mojave Desert for 4 years, Jessica Simpson has been found alive. Contrary to popular conjecture, Ms. Simpson was discovered without child and is still single…”

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