1. Wow, she climbed a small stop to “looks like a porn star” from “Oh wow she is about to hold me down and rape me”… Good job, Jodie.

  2. Me reading the comments on a Superficial political entry.

  3. Mr. Ed

    Hey a rodeo clown with jugs!

  4. Somehow The Joker just doesn’t seem as intimidating since the sex change.

  5. scotta

    All those cosmetics, and still not a single boner was had.

    Take note, Max Factor.

  6. Cock Dr

    May I suggest a roller brush? Something designed for HEAVY coverage.

  7. TeamAmerica

    I wish her face wasn’t so busted more than I wish for a solution to global hunger. At least with hunger I’m not conflicted with ‘This is such a bad thing from the neck up’.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    You use make-up? Get out!

  9. B&WMinstrel

    Takes a lot of slap to make a slapper

  10. Art-Girl

    We’re gonna need more make-up…

  11. So, this is a guy with breast implants, right? Right?

  12. Is that another nipple on the bottom of her right ‘breast’

  13. Might I suggest a different brand? Perhaps Behr, maybe some Benjamin-Moore?

  14. cc

    She looks fatigued.

  15. The Extreme Army looks a little trashier than the regular one.

  16. Johnny Cage

    I love voluptuous Brits.

  17. Tinka

    Her right breast seems to be ready to suck on something.

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