1. Stop harassing her! If she doesn’t get to daycare to pick up her boyfriend by 3, they charge extra.

  2. Meg's Attitude

    Mutton – no strike that – elephant dressed as lamb…

  3. BP

    Looks like a high priced latina call girl heading to a Park Avenue Hotel to me!

  4. BP

    This site hereby officially sucks!
    Is that Linday Lohan with a welt on her back in pic #3?
    Is that a busty Marg Helgenbeger in pic#7?
    I’m switching to another soft core NSFW site!

  5. catapostrophe

    Those don’t look like cougar spots.

  6. Damn, Wilma Flintstone looks terrific these days!

  7. She finally decided to dress to suit her personality.

  8. Nonny Moose

    She’s hooking on the side, now?

  9. Her boot soles stained in the blood of young backup dancers she humps and dumps.

  10. tlmck

    Crap dressed like a leopard.

  11. Rick

    Dressing like a whore: it’s not as if she can rely on her “singing” or “acting” “talent”.

  12. Hey…how much for a “rusty 50/50″ and a “Jenny from the block”?

  13. It was about 18 fuckin’ degrees in NYC yesterday, without the wind chill factor. Hookers on the stroll have to wear shit like this in that kind of weather – what’s her excuse?

  14. What happened to her face? I barely recognized her.

    • Throb the Wonder Mule

      YES, exactly what I was thinking……….Plastic Surgery??? That line filler plumping crap?
      Her face looks good, just don’t look like her.

      How much for a “Jenny From The Block?” LOL

  15. “I hope they think I’m Kim Kardashian!”

  16. Internet avenger

    But I like them trashy,………. sorry I still would :(

  17. like others have said- she looks like a poota.

  18. isn’t this bitch 40 something years old?

  19. jackson

    face like wax.

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