1. Poor ditz. It’s “Skarsgard” with a “k”, dear.

  2. chicka

    no, they got it right, Sarsgaard. SkarsgÄrd is the other guy.

  3. Amanda is so pretty.

    • She really is, and they’ve given her the role of Linda Lovelace? Amanda is WAY too pretty to be Linda Lovelace. Lovelace, while a valiant and talented cocksucker, especially back in those days, was NOT especially pretty.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    This photo is brought to you by Mike’s Hard Lemonade and window-less vans.

  5. alex

    Whats with her clown feet?

  6. Oh, that’s right. She’s the one starring in the movie about a porn star that blew a dog…a role that – and let’s never forget this – Lindsay Lohan didn’t get.

  7. Back when Linda Lovelace was killed, the word around town was that just before the car crashed, she blew a tire.

  8. “Amanda, show us YOUR Sundance beard”.

  9. Wrong one Amanda, you want the tall blonde one with short hair and no facial hair.

  10. She is so tiny and adorable, I love her. Slap a pair of wings on her and she’d look like an Angel from Heaven.

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