1. Converging with Kenneth Branagh.

  2. is that a tattoo of her own face on her arm?

  3. You tattooed your own face on your arm? Please tell me it’s a temporary tattoo. Nobody’s that fucking narcissistic and stupid.

  4. waynemoores

    She looks like the head bitch of the borg collective…resistance is futile

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    Other than the heinous tats, she actually looks pretty good.

    • Oh no, when you see her live on webcam, she looks fucking horrible, all strung out and cracked out and I think she is living in a motel or hotel room.

  6. It’s….sort of like she got pimp-slapped by Picaso.

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    That isn’t her face on her arm, it’s too attractive. It’s the face she wishes she had.

  8. marno76

    I dunno know what the hell happened here. It easier to understand a serial killer motives than the reason why person do things like this when they have a beuatiful natural face.
    I thinks that years of hard pounding and humiliation by despicable men lead to this (if you have an already low self esteem).

  9. Wow Madame Tussaud’s stuff is getting scary lifelike.

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