1. Pickle Nose

    I find his tiny little arms and hands mesmerizing.

  2. Leo!
    Hey Leo!

  3. you can tell by the look on his face that leo just pulled up in a limo.

  4. Dormant Canadian

    My first choice for the Chris Christie biopic.

  5. Even in husky sizes, there’s just not enough pants for him.

  6. The Pope

    ” Ahoy there! Could you chaps direct me to a policeman? Commodore Schmidlapp’s the name. Big Ben Distilleries, you know.”

  7. JimBB

    Hey, Jonah, look over there–it’s Martin Scorsese!

  8. If there’s ever a live-action Mega Man movie, they can save a lot of prosthetics if they have Jonah Hill play Dr. Robotnik.

  9. johnnyfootball

    Mini T Rex!!

  10. yourmom

    “Hey, next time you see Leo, will you get me his autograph?”
    “Seeeee. People like me. I AM important. Wait.. what?”

  11. He’s getting back to his comedy weight.

  12. fred

    Jonah was wildly happy in this pic about being invited to a meeting with Leo and Marty. In the next pic, he is sad and inconsolable after finding out that Leo and Marty played a joke on him.

    Turns out they sent him to the zoo along with 13 different service providers that all have “Penguin” in their name.

  13. You know who else Scorsese loved? Dom DeLuise.

  14. KtothaJ

    Penguin? Is he doing a remake of Batman Returns?

  15. He’ll also autograph your notebook for $60,000. He’s learning.

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