We’re going to need a bigger boat.

  2. “mmmm…..I just got an idea….”Seriously Spicy Seagull”…..BAM, DONE DEAL!!”

    • If anybody knew it was as easy as being a douchebag and deep drying stupid combinations of food, then we’d all be rich – but he did it first, so he wins. He isn’t even a trained chef, so again, any of us could have been this guy. Good for him, but I want shove his head into a bucket of Nair and burn his stupid sunglasses and Havana shirts.

  3. He just thoguht up his new menu item. He will call it the Shart-Shake, and it will be chocolate.

  4. Mina

    so classy

  5. Sweet camo hair.

  6. Fishballs

    That’s a striking bathing suit, and, by that I mean anyone wearing it should be struck.

  7. Toe Jam

    That seagull shit in my mouth, is a bus to flavor town. Winner, winner…chicken shit dinner!

  8. Fishballs

    LMFAO @ Toe Jam

  9. I’d do him, just so I’d get a kick-ass breakfast in bed the next morning.

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