1. You wanna see the weeeeeeeeeasel?

  2. Wearing a shirt with a picture of yourself and your catch phrase on it.

    2 days in to 2013 and we already have the Douchenozzle of the Year award clinched.

    • …your catch phrase from 20 years ago when your mother could still pull enough strings to get you work.

      And to be fair, Pauly has been disqualified from consideration for “Douchenozzle of the Year” since 1989 when it was ruled he was a professional douche, and not eligible in amateur competitions.

  3. He was never funny.

  4. LLBL

    …”and then I put it where? Eewie!”

  5. “Oh you poor special needs kid… Did you have an accident?”
    “I’m Pauly Shore”
    ” I know.”

  6. I’m hoping he just hit on her and she told him to fuck off, because she is really hot and much better than he deserves.

  7. Brit

    Yes, maam. I refer to my body as the temple and this is the altar at which one worships.

  8. tlmck

    Not shown: The other 50 women on the beach laughing.

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