1. “Do it! Call me g@y one more fucking time for shaving my body hair!”

  2. “Nuh uhhhh this is MY rock….”

  3. “Awww come on! I want to build a sand castle! You never let me do anything fun.”

  4. LLBL

    …takes off blue fins… “Come at me Brah!!”
    Jenna: “Are you drunk??”

  5. jr

    Yep that looks like the sexist man alive to me

  6. “I’ll eat this brick of sand and win our bet…”
    “…and I’ll call the ambulance after you die from your stupidity.”

  7. Grafikman

    “Hey, check out this championship turd I just pushed out!”

  8. “What do you mean, ‘why do I call it a love stone?’…it’s because it’s a FUCKING ROCK!”

  9. “No, I’m NOT fucking you until it comes out!”

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