1. Katy has that “I just caught you looking down her shirt at her tits right in front of me” look.

    Not that I’ve ever gotten that or anything.

  2. “Oh, I put my cell number in each card in case there are hot moms.”

  3. I thought they were supposed to keep diseases out of the hospital.

  4. Vlad

    So you take a piece of paper, like this, scribble on it with the Sharpie, then sniff real deep.

  5. Well, now the kids will have to be treated for douchbagerry. There is no known cure.

  6. Number 2

    I really hope there was a total lack of thought put into this by the hospital: “Let’s get John Mayer in here” “Yeah, great idea”

  7. “Gather around everybody! Jerk me off and get my autograph!”

  8. Not shown: Katy’s leg under the table literally cock-blocking John Mayer from entering the Santa-hat blonde.

  9. Zen Master

    If Katy’s titties are not visible, is she really in the picture?

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