1. This is exactly how pictured his life to turn out…

  2. bearandbu

    Two fucking morons…walking on a dock in heels and untied shoes. Fucking grow up…you’re parents now.

  3. Mina

    hahahahahha they’re a mess

  4. What a hard working wife! Carrying the diaper bag, purse, AND two kids.

  5. God forbid Mariah dress appropriately. Nick has to do all the work while she has another servant guide her wobbly ass down the dock. A narcissist and a mangina. Match made in heaven.

  6. Toe Jam

    I guess deportation didn’t work…back to the drawing board INS

  7. THIS is Mariah’s boating outfit/

  8. THIS is Mariah’s boating outfit?

  9. Bitch, please! I can’t hold a baby AND wear absurdly inappropriate boating footwear!

  10. “OKAY, I’m dressed for boating!”

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