1. duder

    That wouldn’t even look good on someone who wasn’t eating pieces of herself that fell off due to type II diabetes.

  2. Takes guts to wear that thing…..or should I say “a gut”

  3. Practising for a trip to the Arctic?

  4. Not a fuck given by her.

    I respect that.

  5. bbiowa

    At least the “modesty panel” will protect her navel from falling nuts.

  6. BWMistrel

    I can’t explain the head but from the neck down that’s John Belushi

  7. skeezix

    Working it until there’s no longer a recognizable waist…

  8. jd

    For the love of god, help me roll it back into the water before it’s too late!!!

  9. So, you can buy a bib for your gunt now? Interesting…

  10. Vlad

    Aha! Jonah Hill! Clever disguise…but the ice cream gave you away!

  11. blarg

    I’ve never seen momma june look sexier.

  12. Stewie

    A brotha’s wet dream.

  13. JPC

    If not for the caption, would have sworn that was Ke$ha

  14. Qmak

    The Real Housewives of Diabetes

  15. Toe Jam

    What the hell happened to Kate Upton?

  16. oldfool

    She reminds me of the mopeds we used to ride at the high school keggers.

  17. This is the woman Weight Watchers pays to follow Jessica Simpson and eat the fattening food she buys.

  18. I’d love to get me a piece of that. But just a small piece… I’m only one man.

  19. The Brown Streak

    Still better than the Kim Kardashian porn.

  20. That bikini is the face of Darth Elmo.

  21. She looks pretty rugged, but I still love those big, round tits!

  22. Cock Dr

    If she wasn’t a celebrity before she is now.

  23. Enidaj

    Please stop posting photos of this racist, obnoxious idiot.

  24. This is not a flattering photo. Yet, I am still staring at her tits.

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