1. booya

    that is a boat that has no chance of planing

  2. Where’s Ahab when you need him…

  3. Animal

    What a different picture this would be if Rosie was positioned where the kids are.

  4. Frank Burns

    “Thar she blows! Erm, licks!”

  5. Showing the kids how to find tuna.

  6. The name of that boat?

    “Clam Chaser”

  7. They’re remaking Miami Vice, with officers Crockett & Tubby

  8. Vlad

    They’re actually in a no-wake zone…

  9. Stewie

    You’re going to need a bigger boat.

  10. jep

    Oh look, Moby Dick stole Ahab’s boat.

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The sea slug is making for the sea shore.

  12. LLBL

    Wow, you can tell those kids are really not interested in seeing where Rosie was grew up.

  13. LLBL

    Sh*t, reads much better without the was.

  14. I thought only submarines required ballast.

  15. Rosie was going to buy a refitted whaling vessel. She changed her mind because everyone kept telling her that her piloting a whaling ship would be redundant.

  16. There’s STILL not enough weight to balance out the boat…send more children!

  17. “Daddy! you promised we’d see manatee!”
    “That was a joke sweetie”

  18. Brit

    Daddy, the bow’s too high. Can we move the ballast up from aft a little?

  19. C’merre, babies! I’ma gun’a EATCHA!

  20. KtothaJ

    Quick Rosie, get your fat ass to the front of the boat. We are sinking!,

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