1. Josephus

    “Please not again…please not again…pleeease…all riiiiiight.”

  2. Siobhan M

    Quick view of her twitter reveals the mystery man to be Bobby Roache

  3. “I had a burrito for lunch…”
    “I know…”

  4. Animal

    Checking to see if it’s time to change her diaper.

  5. Geordi LaForge engages in his latest holodeck fantasy.

  6. I don’t even know who the fuck she is, why should we care who he is?

  7. Hey OHhhhhh

    Hes clearly checking if his penis has gone completly through and come out the top side.

  8. Smapdi

    “Hmm, these are just about my size. Can’t wait until she goes to sleep so I can try them on.”

  9. Jentilly

    What the…is that a tail?

  10. Blah

    He’s making a tiny ponytail so he can pull it later.

  11. “Yo, Bitch…where be your dick?”

  12. He’s just checking out the package before he uses it later. Always test before you buy.

  13. Toe Jam

    doo doo butter….mud butt.

  14. The Brown Streak

    Gotta love it since they installed little tv’s in the back of women’s bikinis. Now you can make out and catch up on the game.

  15. LLBL

    “Don’t judge me.”

  16. “Honey, rememeber the corn we had last night? check it out, I just shitfarted…”

  17. DeucePickle

    Why do these say, “C. Brown” ?

  18. Bobby Roache apparently, whatever and whoever that is…

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