1. That is one brave little girl, stealing Tobey’s scooter like that…

  2. SpiderMan DiCaprio.

  3. His spider senses picked up on a Skarsgard hiding in the bushes.

  4. Bigalkie

    Topher.. Good one

  5. Joe

    Daddy, I can’t ride this.

    Honey, I’ve got 5,000 bucks bet that you can. Get to it.

  6. “Yeah, yeah. Why don’t you push it for a while, sweetie? Daddy’s spider-sense is telling him this hangover is coming on big and strong.”

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    Travolta is going to spaz out when he opens the fridge and finds his best flop-do is missing.

  8. Better to be mistaken for someone you’re not, than not recognized for who you are I guess.

  9. cc

    ‘Get on that thing and ride like the wind Ruby, I think I see Roman Polanski.’

  10. Contusion

    ditto the Travolta wig comment. beat me to it. damn.

  11. bigalkie

    Toby MacGuire lives in the projects? What a cheapskate! JZ and Beyonce’s surrogate baby already has her very own jewel encrusted unicorn.

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