1. “Um…miss Shakira? You seem to have a growth there…”

  2. ThatGuy

    Indeed they are “small & humble”…

  3. Toe Jam

    New song: ‘Uterus Don’t Lie’

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    That’s one impressive beer gut. Shakira should really lay off the booze.

  5. Cock Dr

    I hope this woman can get her abs back after the birth….they were quite impressive.

  6. A false bottomed tractor trailer would have been a more inconspicuous way of smuggling an illegal into the US.

  7. From the thumbnail, I thought this was Jessica Simpson 10 minutes after conception.

  8. Hips don’t lie, but apparently her diaphragm does.

  9. hamster

    Cervixes don’t lie

  10. contusion

    So, that would make that guy about 5’2″.

  11. CK

    I HATE these celebrity Xmas cards..

  12. That’s mostly the child’s booty.

  13. Valentina

    It’s really sad that even with a pregnancy her boobs stayed small.

  14. tom

    Why didn’t they wait til the baby is out, just to be sure?

  15. CuriousTroll

    So tacky lol.

  16. Even when pregnant, she’s still sexier than most other women .

  17. amir

    shakira looks dirty.

  18. Platinum Blonde

    Gross. Pregnant ladys are not good to look at. Neither are UGGS or fat girls who wear tights!

  19. KC

    Child-bearing hips don’t lie

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