1. EricLR

    No, seriously, my face peels right off. Check it out…

  2. kravdan

    I don’t get why men dress as women, I just don’t get it…

  3. I literally just burped when seeing this.

  4. Alison

    Somehow, this is the best picture that’s been posted of her.

  5. Every time I see her I think “You know what? I would fuck the fat kid from “Sandlot”.

  6. Mitch Haase

    How nice to see her in a photo without Anderson Coopers cock in her face.

  7. chicka

    one more facelift and her pubes will be on her chin

  8. That picture is actually not bad.

  9. All Penises

    You CANNOT follow a picture of Candice Swanepoel with a picture of Kathy Griffin. What is this, some type of Clockwork Orange treatment to induce impotence?

    • You know how in the Viagra and Cialis commercials they say to contact a doctor if you have an erection that lasts for 4+ hours? This is who the doctor sends as a remedy.

  10. Does this woman have any redeeming social value whatsoever? I surely can’t think of one…

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