1. He’s not the only dog to have a boner in her presence

  2. richie

    luckiest pooch!

  3. Moo Cow Hunter

    First I thought Katherine Heigl got skinny again?!

  4. Oh, isn’t that the cutest thing! I just want to roll around and play with it all day and all night!

    The dog is nice, too.

  5. tlmck

    Anti paparazzi dog.

  6. that bitch BEST be taking off that Maiden shirt unless she’s an actual fan. but odds are she paid $300 for a pre-torn shirt like a total Hollywood tart.

    I’d still tongue-dart her ass until her head caved in.

  7. The kid in the background is freaking out because Candice Swanepoel stole his dog.

  8. Metal God

    THe funny thing is, she bought that shirt thinking it was vintage. “A Matter of Life and Death” was released in around 2006ish and not one of the Mighty Maidens best.

  9. skinny bitch

    Perfect body. I love those endless legs!

  10. This is one woman who really warms the ca-ca’s of my heart!

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