1. Maybe she can play Goblin Queen in Labyrinth 2

  2. Still would…

  3. HAHA

    Nice try but I still want to have sex with you.

  4. Toe Jam

    On this episode of The Walking Dead…

  5. ThisWillHurt

    So you get my soul and I get to have sex with you? Where do I sign?

  6. I can almost hear the Fran Drescher laugh.

  7. jorge

    ASS TO ASS!!!

  8. bigalkie

    This movie is gonna be so gay.. But she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. tlmck

    Someone has been hanging around Brooke Shields.

  10. cc

    Go back and watch ‘Career Opportunities’. The movie sucks, but holy shit Connelly was the hottest fucking thing on two legs back then.

  11. still as HOT as ever. the deal with Satan is holding up I see.

  12. Blowjob please… No teeth…

  13. Funny picture, but she’s is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

  14. Even when she use to have the wooly caterpillar brow, she was bangable!

  15. Is that…Jon Hamm?

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