1. Don Draper's Dad

    Well that’s just an unfortunate photo.

  2. I thought Liv Tyler was trolling Kim Kardashian for a second…

  3. alex

    Whoa! What happened to her?

  4. I predict she will rival Jessica Simpson for the title of “largest pregnant woman ever”. I also smell “New Momma Kardashian Keep off the Kalories” weight loss pills in the future.

  5. Deacon Jones

    You are blowing up faster than a family of red necks at Olde Country Buffet! You look miserable about it too, you fucking vain pig.

    P.S. I pray to god your read this.

  6. EricLR

    Creepy. My grandmother was buried in that same dress.

  7. Cock Dr


  8. So wait, she’s already 8 months pregnant…?

  9. cagster


  10. CK

    Nothing but beef.


  11. bigalkie


  12. Truk

    I bet she’ll have an abortion, call it a miscarriage, then proceed to cash in on telling the harrowing tale.

    ..I should be her agent.

  13. cc

    Realizing the Escalade wasn’t big enough for Kim’s ass anymore, they went off in search of a new SportChassis.

  14. Ugliest.

  15. She looks worried. Must be late for work.

  16. Mike

    Did she get MORE plastic surgery or what?

    She’s not as vomitous as Beth Ostrosky. She posted a picture of her cat laying in an expensive box while families grieved during the Sandy Hook shootings. Kim, in all my life, never would’ve done that.

    All these celebrities we make fun of don’t compare to Howard’s bitch wife.

    • I believe the families are still grieving about the Sandy Hook shootings, yet here YOU are posting jokes on the Superficial. You are doubly vomitous.

  17. Lenny

    Holy shit, I thought that was Octomom.

  18. How hard do you think Reggie Bush laughs at pics of her?!

  19. skinny bitch

    WIDE LOAD!!!!!!!!! God this woman is huge, her body makes me sick to my stomach

  20. claire

    She looks asian

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