1. badumtshhhh

    I see he is hanging on by a thread…but not Furlong

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Honestly, your honor, it was self defense! I thought she was a . . . robot thing . . . from the future . . . or past, whatever . . . sent to ki- Fuck it! Just put me in my usual cell.”

  3. Toe Jam

    He pushed his girlfriend out of the line of fire from a Terminator. Duh! Don’t you guys understand, everything he does in life, is to prevent a future robot Armageddon! Set him free!!

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    He was doing so well staying off public radar. Now he’s back on the grid. Skynet will find him.

  5. Unfortunately when the other Terminator came to the past and said “Come with me, if you don’t want to be a total douchy loser.” Edward declined.

  6. kravdan

    Edward, the gutter called and asked that you move out by the end of the month.

  7. DeucePickle

    Why can’t you push your girlfriend ?

  8. zomgbie


  9. Was his girlfriend Lindsay Lohan?

  10. Let’s be real. Any woman dating him should know what to expect and it’s probably not the first time a guy pushed her. That’s like dating Michael Lohan and expecting to not get kicked in the cunt.

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