1. What the fuck am I looking at?

    BTW, I’ve been leaving the price tags on all my shit. So I’m pretty street, yo. I got this nice vase from Pier 1 and BAM! I got that fuckin’ $9.95 tag straight hangin’.

  2. Deacon Jones

    yo, yo, sparky, I hear ya DAWG.

    Ahz got Pep Boys to put da labels back on my plastic chrome wheel covers yo, that shit is TIGHT.

  3. He stole Jaden Smith’s eyebrows.

  4. Lou Braccant

    Dios Mio, Mexican Mark Wahlberg es mui triste

  5. Jentilly

    Bizzy Bone? Really?? Wow nothing says bad ass like Bizzy Bone

  6. “Two orders of meth please…”

  7. Donkeylicks

    James Franko will you ever give up?

  8. Remember, while in prison do not shave your nostril hairs. This will give you a fierce, savage, animal-like appearance that shall strike fear in your would-be-cell-mate-rapist.

  9. Ms

    Ease up on the nasal-cam for chrissake

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