1. Dude, don’t do that… You don’t know where that goatee has been…

  2. EricLR

    Wow, Lena Dunham really does have a boyfriend.

  3. Akward! That guy does not go for the bitches.

  4. What do Cesar Millan and Chris Brown have in common? They both teach bitches to obey.

  5. Moo Cow Hunter

    This is the problem with fans. You show up to sign a few books, next thing you know they are all over you wagging their tail kissing you.

  6. bigalkie

    20 years of training and he still doesn’t know that dogs eat shit.

  7. Dog sez: “I usually have to chew through the pants to get to the peanut butter.”

  8. AnnaD.

    Pretty sure the dog’s “lipstick” is out behind that book.

  9. There are still Barnes & Nobles?

  10. EZ-B

    Wait, where’s Cesar’s other hand?

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