1. Jill

    I will never again see this man and not think “Jeremy’s Iron”.

  2. Demonstrating why he did Eragon, Dungeons & Dragons, The Time Machine and The Pink Panther 2: “They had a gun to my head man….a gun!”

  3. bigalkie

    If I have to watch one more minute of PBS..

  4. One of THE best voices in Hollywood

  5. “Nobody move or the Limey gets it!”

  6. Mike

    Magneto. ‘Nuff said.

    Then again, Ian McKellan kicked ass in “The Hobbit”, so I’ll shut up.

  7. catapostrophe

    INTERVIEWER: “Can you point to your head, Jeremy?”

    JEREMY IRONS [pointing to head]: “Head.”

  8. Another who can do no wrong.

  9. No, you’re looking for Daniel Day-Lewis. Happens all the time.

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