1. If boobies could do the singing we’d have plenty of talentless…oh wait.

  2. I see she’s going with the Madonna body training regiment…

  3. skunk

    who dick you suckin?

  4. Invisible reacharound.

  5. AnnaD.

    Of course it is perfectly normal for a person to record songs in their underwear. Of course.

  6. bigalkie

    Bluebell Madonna.. This is your Mummy speaking. Are the nanies treating you well? Have a nice life!

  7. Skippy86

    She sounds a little flat

  8. The ruffling of the fabric on her blouse was creating a faint scratching sound on her recording.

  9. Twitter: Sexting Lite.

  10. Dude, not to be uncool or anything, but your Mom is really making things weird in the bands recording studio.

  11. Totally still would. She’s still very sexy.

  12. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    A woman whose meager talent was always surpassed by showing off her boobs showed off her boobs while trying to display her meager talent. Film at 11.
    Grandpa, what’s film?
    Fuck you, that’s what film is.

  13. skinny bitch

    desperate old lady…props that she stays slim, but really?

  14. Obviously this was taken on “casual Friday.”

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