1. joe

    Swallow it or spit it out. Don’t carry it around in your mouth.

  2. On her way to make a large deposit to the sperm bank. Trips to London aren’t free.

  3. She still looks like she’s a 45 year old streetwalker. (No offense to 45 year old streetwalkers)

  4. Clearly he didn’t select the Total Package option.

  5. Lindsay, we know it’s a treasured Lohan family tradition but you just can’t walk around London with the new boyfriends wad in your mouth for two days.

  6. I’m impressed…not a hint of dribble

  7. ROcco

    ” The Lohan finally smells her own pussy.”

  8. blah

    didn’t oprah tell her not to go to europe?

  9. Was about to spit when she remembered she got another thousand for every hour she keeps it in

  10. “Not sure if dried battery acid or cocaine…”

  11. After I farted in Lindsey’s face

  12. Lindsay Lohan, the Lowly Lady, was in London Licking Lads’ for Lucre.

  13. Odbarc

    “Disgusting homeless ugly bitch… oh, wait, someone dropped a mirror on the ground.”

  14. Yeah, that’s what I do when I see you too.

  15. FruitLoop

    “Oh man! That sixth blowjob really put me over the edge. I don’t think I’m gunna be able to hold all this cock-snot down!”

  16. The blowjobs are finally taking their toll on her jaw.

  17. I don’t care what anyone says…She still looks incredibly sexy for a 50 year old woman!

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