1. “Then is started shooting all over us and I was like all…..ahhhhhh………..but dont stop.”

  2. Is this American Idol, or Awkward White Guys?

  3. Keith: “And then Shaq started cumming, and I was like ‘yeah dude!’, but Seacrest pushed me out of the way and took it all himself, and I was like, ‘fuck you, man.!”
    Harry: “You should’ve held on with both hands, man. Lame!”
    (again with the cutting)

  4. Yeah, that’s it my little Memphis belle, dance away…

  5. “And then Seacrest said that Joe Jonas’ choo choo train missed the tunnel and pour hot, fluffy steam all over his face like this…”

  6. They’re either fighting or dancing. Probably dancing.

  7. this one is too easy

  8. Jerkoffs

    “so once Nicole is done with me it’s going to be gang-jerk city” “let me try that”

  9. Wrynoceros

    Harness in the good Energy and block out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad.

  10. anonymous

    It’s actually hilarious if you imagine they are grabbing invisible penises.

  11. Johnny Barbells

    Napoleon & Uncle Rico: The Final Battle

  12. SER

    Imaginary penises—for now.

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