1. My clothes from high school don’t fit either.

  2. meh

    Naw that outfit doesn’t make him look gay. It makes him look stupid.

  3. So much shame

    God, I hate that I know this, but, that is Valentin not Maksim.

  4. He’s straight right? Why the hell would any straight man dress like this?

  5. Looks like pant pegging is back in a BIG way!

  6. JimBB

    Black tie up top. I GOTTA DANCE, BOYS! down below

  7. Who Shot JR

    that’s his brother not Maksim

  8. A black tie UNICEF event is really the time to let your freak flag fly.

  9. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Women I would’ve fucked 10 years ago, for $400 Alex.”

  10. “In Ukraine we always had to wear two pairs socks under boots in winter because Ukraine so very cold. I hate it. I tell myself that when I come to L.A. where winter is warm I would wear no socks. I love it. I love going sockless. Is bliss.”

  11. Jenn

    Well, ladies, you know how you always wear your boyfriend’s shirts or his jacket, right? He’s wearing his boyfriend’s pants and obviously he’s dating Tom Cruise.

  12. say what you will interwebs, he has put his penis in Kate Upton.

  13. When you knock out a person and changing into his clothes to sneak into a party, make sure that other person is about the same size as you.

  14. Flash flooding in the Los Angeles area is wreaking havoc and causing people to bring their wet weather gear out of mothballs…

  15. AnnaD.

    I thought it was impossible to look more awkward than Haley Joel Osment. Boy, was I wrong.

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