1. I hope a registers at his new location.

  2. “I’m Val Kilmer, from the future. I came back from three days from now to warn you: don’t bet the Lakers to make the playoffs! Jeez, that….that really winded me.”

  3. Right one or not, I thought he was dead.

  4. sadly, crystal hefner sees this and says, “Oh yeah, I could do that.”

  5. I don’t think you made Wayne Newton’s day.

  6. JimBB

    This is what Elvis would look like today if he had lived.

  7. Wayne Newton gets around

  8. BeckyJane

    Bruce Jenner

  9. Gene Simmons still has it.

  10. richie

    I still like Gary Oldman’s Dracula better.

  11. Martin Landau looks pretty good here

  12. “I think Wayne Newton stole my identity!”

  13. “I’ve got to save the Declaration of Independence…AGAIN!”

  14. “Let me thru, dammit. I’m Humptydump Snickerdoodle.”

  15. So Tony Clifton was actually Gene Simmons with a fake ‘stache all this time?

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