1. Damnit PhotoChrist we talked about this!

  2. meh

    At least she finally switch to a point and shoot and stopped faking like she knew what to do with the other camera.

  3. Damn, I love that Ass

  4. Rico Jones

    If she buys herself a pair of tits one day she might be able to face the camera.

  5. Your Huckleberry

    When the fuck did the photographers start becoming famous enough for people to care that other people took pictures of them?

  6. Chris

    This is going to cause a rip in the time-space continuum.

  7. crb

    She should definitely get the nose done first, though.

  8. He has a funny nose.

  9. Johnny Barbells

    …is it weird that i’m over it?

  10. Not a tit in the package, but the rest is pretty damn nice. Except for her beak.

  11. Enough of this nobody already.

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