1. joe

    She needs the strong abs to keep her lunch down while she’s sucking Hef’s wrinkle peen.

  2. Jack Ketch

    Gross. Quack quack.

  3. George P. Burdell

    Soon to be seen on

  4. You’ll never fit your way out of regret, Crystal.

  5. that is not attractive, that is gnarled.

  6. Dammit Photo Boy! You do that on purpose, don’t you?

  7. Doc Oc

    That’s Hugh’s gut and Crystal’s sports bra to keep his moobies out of the way.

  8. me

    Some say couples start to look alike, I guess this is true for her abs

  9. She posted this on the new social network for wealthy geriatrics and the women that don’t love them. It’s called Lamprey.

  10. Pilin

    All the fucks for all the bucks….

  11. “Little mirror head on the wall. Why are you only two feet tall?”
    “Oh yes I’m short, oh this I know. About the height of your camel toe!”

  12. The only reason I can fathom someone posting this lousy of a picture for public scrutiny would be if they just lost 60 lbs.

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