1. “I remember that nude pic that got leaked to the internet”
    “I remember when you were hot…”
    Women are catty (vol 1034, pg. 5)

  2. Rosario: “I’m you, from the future. I’ve brought you a special message of hope and peace.”
    Vanessa: “Where did you get your tits done?”
    Women are catty (vol 1034, pg. 6)

  3. This looks like it has the makings of a very interesting sex tape.

  4. “The coke was the only way Efron could get it up? That’s hysterical!”

  5. “Vanessa, get this, this’ll kill you, someone over there called you an actress.”

  6. I’ll take them both to go, please.

  7. RD: Keep smiling, bitch. I could snap your skanky neck just like that.

    VH: I’m sorry, Gabrielle, I mean Kerry, I mean Ms. Dawson!

  8. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “So Zac Efron stood up, and the Magnum condom fell off.”


  9. Two very sexy women. I’d take the both of them at the same time.

  10. anonymous

    If they would just start tongue kissing then both would finally be in something I’d pay to watch.

  11. Is this a promo for Female’Celebrity Makeout’? Please let there be a show called Female’Celebrity Makeout!

  12. *Tickle. Tickle. Tickle.

  13. That really is a nice view of Vanessa’s tits.

  14. renotastic

    Starring in Rome Alone.

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