1. Cock Dr


  2. rantatonne

    Presented for your viewing pleasure: A living theater reenactment of Snooki’s birth.

  3. doogleberg

    “Hey bitch…hold my smoke while I take a shit.”

  4. it had to be said

    Well, I know one animal that will shit in its own cage . . .

  5. Deacon Jones

    (photographer to sound guy)
    “Get your boom mic away from her head, she instantly assumed the position”

  6. Jill

    So this is what becomes of those figure skaters who don’t land their triple lutz. in the olympics…

  7. because pissing on your shoes is just NOT classy.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Oh, she’s peeing? I thought, more likely hoped, that she was going to shove the lit cigarette into that foot full o’ corns.

  8. Look at her toes and you tell me if shoes like that are worth it!

    • She has huge feet. They don’t come close to fitting those shoes. Hmm, guess that’s why Shauna and Courtney wear the too short stripper heals so their toes don’t do that.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    In the British version it’s the wife who croaks.

  10. So women are just sloppy drunks.

  11. Ha, I thought it was Snooki taking a shit.

  12. Venom

    WTF is a Scousewife?

  13. I just figured out where she keeps her lighter.

  14. cc

    I imagine she’s humming ’30 Days in the Hole’ by Humble Pie.

  15. pdan

    She’s just stretching out before fighting Weston Cage.

  16. Any Guy

    the turd about to fall out of that gaping vortex of failure has more class than its soon-to-be former owner.

  17. Winnie

    What is she doing?!

  18. That Guy

    I have a foot fetish but those ones want to make me puke!

  19. This is a new twist on the disappearing cigarette trick.

  20. TheListener

    Is she about to take a piss in front of everyone? WTH?

  21. I don’t care what she’s doing, her baby toe is the most disgusting thing about this picture.

  22. blt

    David Attenborough (in a whisper): “Seen here, a young woman demonstrate to her mate how she would like to become famous”

  23. Sin

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Snooki.

  24. Before the match, the wrestler, or “fukkin-ho,” squats at the edge of the ring, ritually besmirching it with cigarette ash, while intimidating her opponent with a display of the traditional footwear, the “ho-stiretu.”

  25. Blech

    I imagine this is a new way of photographing oneself for the sake of a nasty-ass show on Twitter. If not, I don’t know what the fuck this is…

  26. Mando

    She does it gangsta style!

  27. I’m stunned. Someone needs to put out a contract on her feet.

  28. Falkirk

    Oh good. I was about to ask if you had any pics of Snookie shitting in the street.

  29. celebutard

    Move: Crouching scousewife, hidden pinky toe.

  30. yeahright

    seriously, what the eff is she doing?

  31. My Eyes! My Eyes!

    This is bitch about to take a shit or what? And those toes! Fucking gross.

  32. when you are THAT drunk (no undies!), the chances of actually doing that and holding it steady without falling backwards on your drunk, wet piss ass, is highly unlikely. Please tell me there is a second pic to this where she’s all splayed out. Because it’s coming up next…

  33. angerinside

    “Just bear down a little more and you will be able to examine your career from chunky begining to tapered ending”.

    What a pig!

  34. somerandomchic

    LaToya Jackson needs to see a podiatrist!

  35. jam

    Finally they show what white women are really like

  36. fuckityfuck

    even Snookie has more class than this bird

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