1. it had to be said

    Long night, Rick?

  2. Deacon Jones

    Man, someones gotta give Kevin Connelly some work for crying out loud, he looks like shit since he got typecast

  3. Frank The Duck

    Yet another child star success…

  4. Man, he still has a mark from where that valve hit him in the head during Crimson Tide.

  5. He looks like he’s about to launch into a long, slurred-speech infested had to be there story.

  6. “It’s not suede, it’s microfiber…you cretin”

  7. JC

    From the looks of his forehead, somebody should have told him he’d gotten too big on that train that ran through the living room.

  8. Any Guy

    him and his date Phillip Semen Hoffmore back there just left the alley.

  9. Winnie

    The Rickster aint looking to fresh. Might be time to get the i and e back.

  10. cc

    For a guy who just got in a bareknuckle brawl outside a bar that smells like puke, he looks okay.

  11. When you have a club stamp on your forehead, you know it’s been a long night.

  12. This the picture I expected to see of him 15 years ago.

  13. Swearin

    He’s gone from Silver Spoons to making crack in them

  14. He’s not wasted. He’s the victim of a bad shirt.

  15. Fingergod

    They got these big chewy pretzels here… awtrujhtjktawsfpdkf… Five dollars?! Get outta here!

  16. “Of course I can maintain. I only took 16 Quaaludes.”

  17. EricLr

    Guess who’s about to drunk-dial Jason Bateman.

  18. yeahright

    too much sniffing off of silver spoons

  19. journalschism

    I coulda been somebody…I coulda been a contender!

  20. journalschism

    “Yeah I worked with Leonard motherf*ckin’ Lightfoot, and don’t you forget it!”

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